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* LET'S DO LONDON - The brand new YouTube channel.

Brought to you by Creative Media Productions. Produced and Hosted by Daniel Eric Matthews.


I'm very excited to announce and introduce my new Video Project that I’m Producing 'Let's Do London' brought to you by Creative Media Productions. Make sure that you're following my social media pages and you'll find all the information to the LDL pages too. You'll be able to subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow everything we have planned for this project. I'll be sharing stunning locations, things to do, places to go, photos, videos, travel tips, offers and so much more. You don't want to miss it. Stay tuned for more information to follow. Please like and follow my blog and find all my social media and online platforms using the hashtag 'MrDanielMatthews' and check back here for all the latest news and events.


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* Let's do London: The brand new  adventure. Please check out, subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow the social in bio - 


* A brand new YouTube channel and brand new videos coming soon!


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* In addition to my blog here on my website. You can also find my new Blog-spot page too.


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* I'm pleased to announce.


My 2022 short 'Contemplate' is now available to watch via my YouTube page.


Winner 'BEST SHORT AWARD' at World Film Carnival - Singapore (2022)


Disclaimer / Warning: This video contains graphic content!.

* I'm delighted to announce that 'Daniel Matthews Associates' has now merged with 'Creative Media Productions' and now be officially known as 'Creative Media Productions'. This means that we will be developing brand new departments within the business. I'm currently still listed and operating as a sole trading business.. however I have a lot of plans in development, along with new clients and exciting projects, that I'm excited to share with you all in time. So please come and follow this page and stay up to date with all the news. Thank you. Daniel Matthews.

* Biography updated:

* Watch out for exciting new updates coming up soon!

* You can now schedule meetings with Daniel - - Please check the schedule on the website or email: - (Schedule meetings) 

* Event promotion. Check this out & please share.

Mindfulness Workshop:

Theatre Full Shop Founder ‘Lucy Basaba’ will be hosting 2 mindfulness workshops which will be led by former Theatre Full Stop team member ‘Megan Mattravers’. So let’s take time out of our busy schedules and live in the present moment.

1:00pm and 1:30pm on Sunday 16th July ‘ONLINE’

Celebrating 10 years of Theatre Full Stop. An online publication, featuring theatre reviews and interviews.

During the event you will practice a body scan and conclude with a little bit of Mindful Freewriting.

About Megan Mattravers: Megan is a freelance Drama Practitioner, Writer and Theatre Director. She trained at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Megan has been practicing mindfulness for several years and it is part of her daily routine. She works in education and facilitates mindfulness with young people in Alternative Provision, focusing on mental health and wellbeing.

So join us on Sunday 16th July! All you have to do is email directly to with the title - “Mindfulness Workshop” send your name and the time you would like to take part and a zoom link will be sent out to you.

#mindfulness #wellbeing #mentalhealth #workshop #event #online #zoom #onlineevent #theatrefullstop #lucybasaba #mrdanielmatthews #creativemediaproductions #promotions

* You can check my Availability for appointments -


* The Jerry Lewis Show.

Starring: Angelo Capone.

Available now for bookings in the United Kingdom.

* Follow my schedule on my website.

Coming soon, you can book appointments via the website.

For all more information / booking appointments, email:


* Daniel Eric Matthews: Publicist / Producer.

Publicity to artists, bands, groups, singers, actors, dancers, models, musicians. Brands, start up companies and small businesses.

Producer: videography, production, showreels, music videos, promo videos, podcasts and much more..

Travel guide and advice services available.

With over 20 years of experience. Follow me and join my lives. Check out my website and follow my social media platforms. #MrDanielMatthews


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January 2023:


Wishing you all a very happy and healthy new year. With lots of love and peace and happiness all around. #MrDanielMatthews #HappyNewYear 2023. xx

December 2022: 

What a year it’s been! I have to say that personally this year has had a lot of ups and downs and sad and challenging times. I’m so incredibly grateful to all my amazing family for the love and support and together we’ve got through it!

Professionally.. it’s been an interesting journey and a really productive year. With a short film finished and ready for release next year, lots of exciting projects, contracts and amazing clients. I’ve been so grateful for all the amazing opportunities I’ve had.

It’s been a busy year and 2023 is set to be an exciting year and a milestone for me as well. So my friends I wanna take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone for their support and encouragement. I wish you all a very happy and healthy new year. Much love and God bless. xx


- From High Star Records (my new label)

comes 'A Christmas Wish' 2022.

Written by Darren James & Hollie Matthews.

Produced by Daniel Eric Matthews

OUT NOW! Please check it out and enjoy!

Merry Christmas. xx

- High Star Records presents 'A Christmas Wish'

Written by Darren James and Hollie Matthews.

Produced by Daniel Eric Matthews.


- Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

This post is for #EventOrganisers and #Businesses who may be interested in #Sponsoring. I have an amazing new #Newsletter available and I'd really love to share the information with you.

The London Weekend is a free weekly newsletter that provides people with 5 cool things (events, meet-ups, conferences, concerts etc.) they can do each weekend. The aim of the newsletter is to save people’s time and effort doing this research on their own and help them take part in the London’s social scene.

So please, drop me an email to - - and I will send you more details.


Thank you. #MrDanielMatthews #LondonWeekend

November 2022:



- Sad announcement:

I’m sorry to say that due to matters beyond my control, I regret to announce that my radio show will not be going ahead as planned. I'm not one to bad mouth people, but I have to urge people to not support and stay away from RTC Radio, as it turned out to be a scam. So this project isn't going ahead and I will not be involved with it in any way and I will not be commenting on the matter anymore.

Instead! I am pleased to say that, I will be continuing to plan and record my own podcast and I have a small video project I’ve been working on too. More on this soon. Thank you!

November 2022:

- I'm delighted to announce, coming soon to RTC RADIO UK

'The Daniel Eric Matthews Show'.

This is the first time I'll be doing a Radio show since 2007 & I couldn't be more excited to come & be part of this brand new & exciting platform. I'll be announcing the start date really soon and sharing more updates along the way. Check out the website for more details too at -

#MrDanielMatthews #TheDanielMatthewsShow #Radio


- Get ready for some exciting new updates. Keep a look out on all the website and social platforms.

#MrDanielMatthews #OnlineMakeOver #Update

September 2022: 

- Casting call: for script read through of the play 'Nuclear Family', with the intention of getting some initial feedback before a workshop in December. Looking for Actors. Details below. #CastingCall #MrDanielMatthews

- An important note in regards to the news in the post below! This new role will absolutely NOT in any way shape or form affect my clients and/or any self-employed work or projects. Thank you. #MrDanielMatthews #ThankYou


- I'm really excited and delighted to announce a new contract I’m doing. This is an area I’ve been keen to explore. As many will know, I’ve been really lucky to work in different areas of the entertainment industry, an industry that I love and I won’t ever leave behind. With experience performing and producing music and live show. Branching out into videography and filmmaking and finding experience in Events, PR, Artist Management and the opportunities to step into Fashion and some corporate business too. I’m very much involved and continuing to do the work I do and love. I’m also still working self-employed as well.

Now I’m taking the opportunity to also explore the world of hospitality, restaurants and food industry. I’ve had a little bit of experience, but thought I would take the opportunity to develop more in this industry too. So I’m delighted to announce that I have been asked to be a ‘Host’ at Mr Whites’ in Leicester Square, starting on Friday!. With my skills and experience hosting events, we thought this would be the perfect place to start and I feel this is the perfect opportunity to get more experience in the restaurant industry, put my skills to good use in this area and as I love adding new strings to the bow. I bring the passion and creativity to this role, along with new ideas and plans to develop. #MrDanielMatthews #LatestNews

- Another exciting announcement this week. Stay tuned!

- Lot's of new and exciting updates and information on my rebranded social media pages happening over the next couple of weeks. Follow #MrDanielMatthews and keep updated with the details.

- A new change to the record label, now known as 'High Star Records' a new website coming soon!


- You can find my 'Trip to Paris' Vlogs now available on my TikTok and Instagram page. 


August 2022:


Please check out my new IMDb page -


We're doing some updates to my website, along with some exciting news that I can't wait to share with you very soon. Just finishing off a couple of small contracts and then... watch this space!

July 2022: 


Doing some updates here on my website over the next few weeks, so please make sure you're following my social media pages. Check back here for more updates coming soon! 

Wishing a very happy 60th birthday to the absolutely amazing Michael Ball OBE. A real inspiration, a true gentleman and a total legend. Sending lots of love and the very best wishes. Have an awesome day. 


May 2022: 


Coming soon. Up to date details about my PR company 'DM Associates' and the Media / Production company 'Creative Media Productions' - PLUS loads of news about new events and future productions. Please stay tuned and follow my social media pages as well. #MrDanielMatthews 


Drop me a message and find out the details about my #Photography services, now available! Please email me direct for details - - #MrDanielMatthews


Check out my interview for the award winning short film #Contemplate I Directed at Morrigan Productions - - #MrDanielMatthews #Director #FilmProject


April 2022: 


Just received the most amazing and exciting news from The Morrigan Production team.

I’m delighted to announce that our film #Contemplate is the Award Winner at the WFCS! (World Film Carnival - Singapore) Thank you to all the cast and crew for creating this film. Please find all the details in the link below. We need all the help and support we can get to get this film out there, so please follow the link and help as much as you can - - Thank you! 


I'm delighted to announce, a new client and a new event. Introducing you to Artist 'Michelle Baharier' and Michelle is doing a new solo art show. Details available below!. - and I'll be sharing updates on this and more on Michelle very soon.


Post Production of my new film 'CONTEMPLATE' is in full swing. The editing has almost finished and the promo is going well. Thank you to everyone who has been helping us so far. We plan to do big things with this little film, that has such an important message and we need your help, if you can. So please follow the link - - for all the details. Many thanks.


We have big plans for this project and we really appreciate any help. Please check out the link -

I'm excited and delighted to announce that I'm in production for a short film project this month. I'm Directing my new film 'CONTEMPLATE' with The Morrigan Production company.


I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been asked to join The Morrigan Production company and Direct their first short film project. We’re excited to share this with you!


A year ago today I released ‘I Give you what I’ve Got Today’ by Darren James via Wiz Star Records. We’ve had really great positive feedback and on behalf of Darren, myself and all the team, we thank everyone for all the support. #MrDanielMatthews #DarrenJames #IGiveYouWhatIGot 

March 2022: 


I'm delighted to attend and support this forthcoming event.

Tickets for ‘Cabaret For Ukraine’ are on now sale. Please join us at Phoenix Arts Club on Tuesday 29th March, 7.45pm for an amazing line-up of cabaret and comedy. All acts are donating their time and talent for free in aid of this important cause. Starring Marcel Lucont, Ada Campe, Abigail Abi Collins, Paul L Martin - Paulus, Christopher Green, Michael Roulston and me, with more acts to be confirmed soon!


February 2022: 


My client is hosting a wonderful event next Thursday 3rd March and will be showcasing her Artwork. If you'd like to check it out, please find all the details right here - and follow the link to attend.


Changes are being made to my Production company 'Creative Media Productions' With a brand new and updated company coming soon! Look out for updates. Watch this space.


Updates on the businesses and the Resume.

Daniel Eric Matthews - #MrDanielMatthews


Publicist/CEO: Daniel Matthews Associates.


Producer/Co-Founder: Creative Media Productions.


Producer/Manager: Wiz Star Records.


Producer/Manager: POWER Management.


Producer/Manager: Slide Over Events.


Full updates, description, social media channels and websites all coming soon!.

Welcoming February with open arms. It's a new month with new goals and exciting projects. January has been a 'self improvement month' you could say. Taking a bit of time off, focusing on health and fitness, taking some me time and getting plans in place. Now I'm ready and set to go. Loads of new and exciting stuff happening, so stay tuned. Please follow the socials for more regular updates and check back here soon. I wish you all the very best for the month ahead. Be kind and stay safe. I'll see you soon! Daniel. xx


January 2022: 


Wishing you all a very happy and healthy new year and all the best 2022! I want to take this time to say thank you to everyone for all your support and I look forward to sharing plans for this year too.


December 2021: 


Hey everyone. I'm sorry I've been a bit quite on my website the last few weeks, but I have been busy in other places. I'll give you an update on all that really soon. For now and on here, you'll see I've added two new pages above, and coming soon is the 'About Me' page. Here you'll be able to read all about me, my background, and my current work. This will include loads of exciting information. Then there is also the new 'Portfolio' page too. Now I'm still working on how I'm setting up this page on here, but hopefully you'll be able to see examples of my work. Once again, I'll update you all with details as soon as possible. I'm also planning to add brand new photos, videos and music as well. So stay tuned for that. Don't forget to follow me on my Social Media pages. Many thanks for reading, stay safe and be well. Regards, Daniel.


November 2021: 


Currently working behind the scenes:

The only problem with working on things behind the scenes, is we can’t talk about it yet and everyone wants to know what we're doing.. Well, watch this space. I’m currently working on things between 'Creative Media Productions' and 'G-Star Records' as well. Lots of networking, lots of research and lots of hard work!.


I can't believe it's already November, where has this year gone. It's going to be a very busy couple of months ahead, with the development of 'Creative Media Productions' loads more in development and big plans for next year. So watch this space and keep a look out for more updates. #MrDanielMatthews.


October 2021:


Introducing to you, our new official Media and Production company 'Creative Media Productions' offering a full range of creative services including videography, photography, promotional, marketing, social media and so much more. New website coming soon, please follow the social media pages for all the latest news. Email: for any questions or queries.


I had the most fantastic meeting with my team at Creative Media Productions and we are really excited to share plans with you soon. The team are currently working on our new website and some branding. We are also putting together a list of our services we have available, including video production, photography, promotions, social media and marketing. I'd be really grateful if you'll give us a like and follow on the social media channels too. 


Please like and follow my social media platforms, check out daily updates. Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and so many more. All the links can be found over on the links page here on the website or by using the Hashtag - #MrDanielMatthews - Many thanks for following.


'Xpressions Music' is proud to present, a brand new talent show, taking please 24th Oct 2021 - 3/5pm. Midkent College, Gillingham Campus, Medway Road. ME7 1FN. Find all the information below.


Photography and Videography services available! I'm currently working on building and developing my portfolio and I really enjoy Producing new content. So I'm offering my services to anyone who is interested. Thank you. Please email me at - - for more details.


Had two awesome Zoom meetings this morning/afternoon. One being the usual 'Growing a Business' (Virtual Boardroom) and if you would like to join us, it happens every Monday at 12:30-13:30 and you can find all the details and sign up at 'Meet Up'. It's a fantastic group. Hope to see you there!

The Xpressions Music showcase is happening on October 24th. More details to follow!

Hello October. So here we are with a brand new month and plans that include work with 'Bieauli Jewellery' and 'Xpressions Music' as well as continuing the development of 'Creative Media Productions' Keep a look out for all the latest news on events and loads more to follow.

In the meantime, stay safe and be well. All my love, Daniel. xx


Sept 2021: 


I am excited and delighted to announce that I'll be working with 'Xpressions Music' as 'The Social Media Manager' I will be promoting an up and coming event and will share more details ASAP.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, I regret to announce that I won’t be attending this years Colchester film festival. My apologies to anyone who has bought tickets. #MrDanielMatthews


I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be taking the role of the ‘Marketing Manager’ at this years Colchester Indi Short Film Festival. Plus I’m also excited to announce that I’ll be a Judge at this years festival as well. The event is taking place at The Curzon Cinema, Colchester, Essex on September 25th. Tickets are on sale now and I’d be delighted and grateful to see you there. Please find all the details below. #MrDanielMatthews


Come and join us for the Colchester Indi Short Film Festival.

Aug 2021: Looking for venues in London available to hire for filming. Please email 'info@mrdanielmatthews' for more details.


July 2021: Calling all Venues!

Now taking bookings for LIVE shows and events. Arts available!


Email: - for more information and bookings.


July 2021: I'm excited and delighted to announce that I have two brand new contacts both starting this month. I could not be more proud to be a part of these. The first is 'Business Partner / Digital Marketing Manager' at Bieauli Jewellery, and the next one is 'Talent Manager - Talent Recruitment' at Twilight Casting. These are (for now) short term contracts for a couple of months, and hopefully may become longer. Along with these, I've got a few other different projects in the works as well, so it's to be a very busy and exciting couple of months ahead. Keep checking back for more updates and latest news coming soon. #MrDanielMatthews 


June 2021: I'm very #Excited to be moving forward with an ongoing #Project that has been a little slow over this last year, and also, another project, that was put on hold last year due to #COVID19 - this one does depend on the news at the end of the month, but still, the plans continue for the future. #MrDanielMatthews


May 2021: As we follow the road map and prepare to fully come out of lockdown, we see more shops, Restaurants, the Theatres, etc etc.... re-open and of course we couldn't be more excited. It's time to move things forward, but keep us all safe as well. I have many of my own plans set in place and ready to go. So watch this space. It's going to be a busy and exciting couple of months ahead and I look forward to sharing all the news with you all really soon. So stay tuned. Stay safe and be kind. All my love, Daniel!.


April 2021: I can't believe we're coming to the end of April already. It's been a busy and exciting month. We've had the release of Darren's latest single 'I Give You What I've Got Today' that I Produced. We've had some amazing online events and now, as we are slowly coming out of lockdown, the team and I are working hard on plans to move forward on some exciting new projects, so keep a lookout for more details coming soon and let's see what 'May' brings shall we. Watch this space! My love and regards. #MrDanielMatthews 


March 2021: Last year just before the lockdown, I started working with the Global Fashion Marketplace. Like everything did, it all went online and I was able to promote and support the online events as much as possible. The company has worked really hard to move things forward. I’m absolutely delighted to announce that I’ve now been asked to become an Ambassador with them as well. I’m excited and grateful for this amazing opportunity.

March 2021: Delighted to announce the release of the new single by Darren James. Available April 5th. Details to follow.


March 2021: Online Piano lessons are now available with Samantha Wild. Please email Samantha direct only!

samanthawildpiano@gmail.comfor all information and bookings. Check out her brand new website. Link can be found on Samanatha's profile on the clients page above.


March 2021: Join me for my HER Business Revolution 'Speed Networking event' on March 26th. Details here...


Check out the website and find all the information on events, memberships, training and amazing offers. Details here...

February 2021: Female entrepreneurs. Sign up for our amazing online event at HER Business Revolution to celebrate 'International Women's Day 2021' On Friday 5 March (just ahead of actual International Women's Day on 8 March) this #ChooseToChallenge online event will be about challenging biases and misconceptions around gender equality.


Throughout the day our Superwomen Membership Club members will be sharing their inspirational stories and insights around this theme. We will host a live panel session at 1pm to debate and share ideas about empowering an equal future, plus discussion around how to challenge yourself mentally, physically and socially. Plus loads more....


Sign up here - - and join us for an event, not to be missed.


#MrDanielMatthews #herbusinessrevoltuion #InternationalWomensDay #ChooseToChallenge #Event 

February 2021: I’m excited to announce my brand new YouTube channels. Alongside my official/personal account. You can find my new ‘Creative Media’ channel.... and coming soon! ‘The Daniel Matthews Show’ Please subscribe to my channels. I’ll be adding the links later.


February 2021: Join me for my HER Business Revolution speed networking event.

Please find all details here -


February 2021: I Can't believe we're a week into February already. While this lockdown is still going on, I'm working from home and have loads planned, including online events, new videos and so much more. So keep checking back here for more updates and come and connect on my social media platforms as well. Give us a LIKE and a follow and all that jazz. Lot's of exciting things happening. Stay safe.

January 2021: Please check out the new single 'Together' I’ve had the pleasure of Producing with my artist, Darren James. Available to listen here via my #MrDanielMatthews SoundCloud page. - We hope you enjoy it.

January 2021: Coming soon to the website, details on current projects and information on how you can hire Daniel Matthews for any of his services and future projects. In the meantime, if you have any questions or queries, please email: - direct with your contact information.

January 2021: Join me for my next HER BUSINESS REVOLUTION online networking meeting this February. Sign up here...

January 2021: Here's some exciting news for female entrepreneurs, from The HER Business Revolution team to kick things off in the new year. Join us at 'HER Business Revolution' for this fantastic, not to be missed opportunity. Check out info here - - Sign up today!


January 1st 2021: Wishing you a very happy new year. Making a fresh start and this is going to be a busy and exciting year for me. I look forward to sharing it with you and hopefully spreading lot's of love and joy around. Hopefully moving forward after the year we've had and I wish everyone all the very best for this year. Thank you so much for all your amazing support as well. xx

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