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The Phantom of the Opera (5 stars)

Let me just say how much I love this show, as I have seen it before. It truly is a timeless masterpiece. To go back and watch one my favourite shows and have a front row seat, was just amazing! The cast is incredible and as always, we see the show for the show, not just for the names in the show.. But I will say that this performance was with the stunning 'Holly-Anne Hull' in the role of Christine Daae and she is just amazing. Along with 'Killan Donnelly' as The Phantom and 'Rhys Whitfield as Raoul and an outstanding cast of players, all giving the very best of Musical theatre. This show, that tells the love the story between Christine and Raoul, along with the Phantom, set with one of the greatest musical scores, an amazing set and a beautiful story. Now celebrating 35 years, this is must see show. I loved it and it's one I will look forward to seeing again in the future. Fantastic!!!!

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