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Thoughts about lockdown - Blogging all the way.

I wanted to talk about my thoughts from the last few months. I understand why we’re doing this and totally agree even though it’s been tough, it's needed to be done.

I’ve stayed at home and followed the rules and yes, I’m looking forward for things to get back to normal (whatever the new normal is). The thing is, I knew that when all this started, that for me, just sitting around at home wasn’t going to be an option. I like to keep busy. So I’m very lucky to be able to work from home and continue on with most of the work that I do online.

This time has given me chance to think about new ideas, make plans and be really creative. Sure, I’ve done all the things we all do. The cleaning, the housework, watched the boxsets, “walked the dogs”, talked to my family and friends a lot via Zoom and even taken some time to relax... But, then I’ve also had the chance to sit down and really focus on things. I’ve been writing, blogging, coming up with fresh new ideas and plans. Thinking about the future, not just for me, but clients and the teams I work with and of course, I've been working on and updating my website.

There’s so much I want to do with my life and my work and I haven't really stopped through all this, I’ve just been getting on with things as much as I can and as much as that's been possible. I've tried to keep positive thoughts going in my mind at all times. I know that we can and we will get through this. If we all work together and do what we have been doing and what we need to do. God willing, we can move forward.

I wanted to share my thoughts so you all know we are in this together and I will continue to work hard and make everything I have planned happen as soon as possible. I also want to give as much support to people as I can as well. Whilst we are still in lockdown and for the time being, I’m send out virtual hugs, warm wishes, lot's of love and all the best to everyone. I hope you're all keeping safe and well.

Daniel Matthews.

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